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Nicola Thomas

Company funded meditation apps don’t substitute a living wage, dignified working conditions, meaningful work, adequate sick & holiday pay

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Inaccurate polls make Trump loyalists even more sceptical, lessons for Trump’s rerun in 2024

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4 lessons from the life of a world-leading entrepreneur, worth $840 million — RIP Tony Hsieh

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Exploring the good, bad and ugly of AI at work & insight into living with a rare neurological condition

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They will watch staff and send images to managers — the impact will be profoundly negative

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Amazon is aggressively intimidating workers. Join the #BoycottAmazon campaign from Sunday, March 7 to Saturday, March 13 to fight for safe and fair working conditions.

An Amazon worker protests “inhuman conditions” at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Swansea, Wales, on Black Friday 2018. Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Amazon workers are monitored, supervised and fired by an algorithm.

Micro-dosing, therapeutic psychedelics and a Q&A with Molecular Biologist, Nick Milne, PhD

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Trendy AI ideas detract from real, impactful solutions in the fight for gender equality

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I interviewed an astrophotographer about how space can help us handle isolation

Josh’s beautiful photo of the Milky Way galaxy seen from Lake Pukaki, NZ

Entrepreneurs are negotiating constantly, yet few are ever taught how

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Nicola Thomas

PhD researcher interested in the intersection of psychology, emotions, technology, and work. Join my monthly newsletter:

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